Agatha (Aggie) **warning graphic images**

January 24, 2022 **Emergency Pickup**  🆘🆘  Our intake team got a call about a dog who we were told had been brutally beat up by other dogs.
January 25, 2022 ** ⚠ Warning graphic photos ⚠ ** Most people are good. Some are heroes. My rescue yesterday is one filled with heroes doing the best that they can for an animal they have never met before. I am alive and safe this morning, thanks to a team of angels. Aggie here, I have gone from being a homeless stray, to a girl with a name and hope for the future. What we know for sure is that I have a skin condition, badly infected. We will figure out the cause and treatment in the days to come. Hungry and searching for food, my path crossed with another dog who has a reputation of some anger management issues. He must have been having a real bad day because he attacked poor me. I figured I was done, but my first angel of the day was driving by. They stopped the attack and scooped me up to the safety of their home. Knowing I was in need of far more help than they had to offer, they called bylaw. You guessed it, here comes my second angel. He drove literally hours through winter conditions to my aid. Long time relationships with SCARS made the next call easy, he knew he could count on the SCARS intake team.
My next angel, also drove hours to meet bylaw, late evening by this time, dark, cold, snowy with icy roads, she came without hesitation. A quick meeting on the highway and we headed for the vet. I was pretty done at this point, kind of giving up, but you know all these people had helped, all were so kind, so I settled in and started to hope.
I met the next angel a few hours later. She would likely say she was just doing her job, but those vets that take late night emergency calls are amazing. Immediate care, get me stable and hopefully on the way to recovery. I am a sick pup, so there are no guarantees, dog bite wounds are complicated and serious, not to mention the skin infection, but at least I have a chance… Second Chance.
Update: Hi everyone, I am hanging in here. Today I got delicious food, medicine, and a B A T H! 🛁 🐾 Never had one of those before. I definitely smell less disgusting and the shampoo helps my sore skin. I am exhausted, though, fighting an infection is hard work. I will be sure to keep you up to date on how things are going. I have to sleep now, Aggie.
January 26 update… Amazing what a whole lot of love can do! Or maybe it is the medications! I guess it could be the safe spot, the good food, the warm bed! Really it is probably all of them, but here I am with a pupdate for all you wonderful supporters. I have a severe demodex infection, which has caused a secondary bacterial infection. Demodex are nasty little mites that bite. On top of that, I have a lot of puncture wounds from the big dog biting me. Those are worrisome as my skin was already full of bacteria. My new friends here at Westlock Vet (special shout out to the veterinary assistant team that are showering me with care) have a plan in place to make me better. So far all it requires of me is to take my medicine, eat, have a bath, sleep and get loving pets. I am more than good with this plan. Chat soon, it is snack time. – Aggie
January 27 update… Well friends, I am doing pretty well. The not so good news. I will admit to being very disappointed in my new friends as they are insisting I wear a cone. Apparently licking your sore skin is frowned upon, and I just couldn’t stop myself. Some good news is the antibiotics are having a positive affect on the infection. I feel better! The fun news is I got a new friend… Riblet. She too has an out-of-control case of Demodex. Lucky for her there was no dog attack, but she is equally itchy and in need of care. At least they made her wear a cone, too. We are starting our healing journey at about the same time. I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures. Wags, Aggie.

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