I’m Bandit ❤ 🐕! Mine is a hard story to tell. I am tired and ill and my prognosis is full of questions. My name is Bandit, I am definitely a senior. A SCARS volunteer heard about a dog wandering and was compelled to go see if she could help. She found me and knew I was in desperate need of help. I was immediately on my way for veterinary assessment and care. So often when there is an animal in distress, there is a human needing help as well, so we ask for your compassion for all involved with Bandit.We are just getting the first medical information, but the outlook is not great, I have multiple conditions and fighting multiple infections. I am now under the compassionate care of the veterinary team at Westlock Veterinary Center and SCARS will make the best decisions for me with their guidance. More updates when more is known.

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