Meet Mina. ** Warning Graphic Images Ahead ** This little firecracker looks like she has defied all the odds of survival. A stray off the highway and we are thankful she was found & brought into the vet. There was a dime sized wound on her cheek that went right through into her mouth. On that same side her eye is all messed up. The vet wasn’t sure what even is wrong with it, it’s so swollen they are going to recheck it on Monday. They had to suture the hole closed, she was covered in little scab wounds and mats all over her body. She also has bad bruising on her belly/chest. We aren’t sure if she was tossed from a car or attacked by something. If she didn’t have those visible wounds you wouldn’t know. She is a purr monster! And all she wants to do it cuddle. She’s a great girl! She’s currently in recovery and not available for adoption at this time. We have had many medical emergencies over the past weeks! In order for us to continue to help these animals in…
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April 11, 2021 Yet another late night emergency call. This time for a dog that had been spotted with quills but no one had been successful in catching him. This is Wilber and he really thought Mr. Porcupine was too interesting not to meet. Wilber was taken straight to Westlock Vet once we were able to catch him and is feeling much better now. Thank you to our amazing volunteer drivers who go out any time of day and night and those who spotted Wilber to let us know he needed our help!  

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Just when you think you have seen it all, just when you think nothing can shock you anymore,  then you meet poor sweet Lea, only 5 months old, and in a world of hurt.

Lea came to SCARS, through an emergency clinic. Upon intake they knew she had damage to her ears, although the cause was unknown.  No one was prepared for what we would see when she was sedated and a full examination took place.

In 2019 the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association banned many medically unnecessary practices done for cosmetic purposes, including cropping ears. A decision hailed by the majority as the absolute right thing to do. Ear cropping is done to make the cute floppy ears a dog like Lea is born with to stand upright. One concern with this decision was that people (fueled by an internet search) might take things into their own hands, putting their desire for a certain appearance above the health and well-being of the animal. It is suspected this may be the case with Lea.  Veterin…

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