China tiger farms put big cats in the jaws of extinction

A Siberian tiger tries to catch a chicken released by a gamekeeper to entertain visitors at the Siberian Tiger Park in HarbinA fearsome tiger snarled as a doomed chicken flapped helplessly in its mouth — but campaigners say such "entertainment" in China is putting big cats further in the jaws of extinction. Buying chickens to feed the exhibits at the Siberian Tiger Park in northeast China's Harbin city costs 60 yuan ($10) — though the menu has plenty of other choices, even cows are available to serve up. China's tiger farm industry says the trade in captive animals helps to relieve the pressure on wild felines, but wildlife groups argue it reduces the stigma around buying the animals or their body parts, and could create new markets for them.

February 12, 2015 12:42 pm

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