How SCARS reduces pet overpopulation

Preventing pet overpopulation is a big part of what we do. SCARS actively works within northern Alberta, partnering with First Nations and Métis communities, where there is a lack of accessible and/or affordable pet services. Our Spay-Neuter-Return program helps animals (such as the ones featured in the video below) by providing spaying and neutering, vaccination and micro-chipping for owned pets, and our Walls 4 Winter program provides those who participate in SNR with an insulated pet shelter. Did you know?! We completed 199 spay and neuter returns in 2021! That is ?THOUSANDS? of animals saved from having unplanned or unwanted litters. To consider donating directly to our Spay and Neuter program: To consider donating supplies directly to our Walls for Winter Program: please email!

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