About Us

Welcome to Rentwithpets.ca. It is a known fact that new ideas are borne out of frustration. This is one of them. Having to spend time looking for a new house,apartment or condo that is pet friendly is extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Rentwithpets.ca is the 1st rental listing site of its kind. It’s for all the pet owners out there. No one is allowed to post a rental ad unless it is pet friendly. And yes we do have checks in place to make sure.

If you are like us, you would have found that most rental listings do not specify if they are pet friendly and you end up having to email back and forth just to make sure your beloved pet will be welcome in your new home.

Or better yet, you find your perfect rental, it says pet friendly and when you go to view it they tell you only “cats” are welcome. Now what do you do about your 2 best furry canine friends?

We want to save you time & frustration when looking for your new home if you have pets. As someone wanting to add a rental listing, you now have a guaranteed audience. You know your potential renter will have pets so there are no hidden surprises or awkward moments

As pet lovers of note, I hope you find this site useful and informative. Once you find your new forever home we would love to post pics on our blog of your success story.


The Rent With Pets Team

We would also like to thank our 2 stars in our logo, our Adorable Pug “Dexter”and our new kitty “Patch”