Environmentalists sue to list bumble bee as endangered

A bumble bee once common in the United States is disappearing so quickly it should be listed as an endangered species, environmentalists said in a lawsuit filed against U.S. government agencies on Tuesday. The rusty patched bumble bee is now found in fewer and fewer areas as urbanization and agriculture reshape their traditional habitat on the Midwestern prairies, said the suit, which was filed in U.S. district court in Washington, D.C., against the Interior Department and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. "The leading hypothesis suggests that disease may be playing a role," said Sarina Jepsen, a program director at the Oregon-based Xerces Society, which brought the lawsuit along with the Natural Resources Defense Council. Bumble bees pollinate a wide variety of plants and crops and are used commercially by farmers to help grow tomatoes in greenhouses.

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Oregon wolf famous for his wanderings may have found a mate

By Shelby Sebens PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) - An Oregon wolf which became the subject of a documentary after making a monumental trek from Oregon to California and back may have finally found what he’s been searching for: love.  Oregon wildlife officials said on Tuesday they believe the gray wolf, dubbed OR 7 because he was the seventh wolf collared for tracking in 2011, may have found a mate. If the pair have pups, it would be the first known wolf breeding in the Oregon Cascades since the early 20th century.  OR 7 became well known when he traipsed into California in December 2011, making him the first known wild wolf in the state since 1924. He traveled more than any of the seven wolves collared, making him a celebrity and the focus of a documentary being made to track his progress, Wolf OR 7 Expedition.  “I think it brings awareness of the issue of recovery of an endangered species, especially with the potential for his finding a mate and possibly having a family,” said Elizabe…
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Humans and Pets May Carry Similar Strains of MRSA

Cats and dogs can get infected with MRSA bacteria — a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics — that is genetically similar to the type of MRSA that occurs in humans. In the study, the researchers compared MRSA samples found in pets with the ones found in people. "Our study demonstrates that humans and companion animals readily exchange and share MRSA bacteria from the same population," study author Mark Holmes, senior lecturer in preventive veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge in England, said in a statement. The study also shows that the use of antibiotics in animals has an effect on MRSA strains, he said.

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