Ivory Coast deploys rangers to protect dwarf elephants

Elephants live in the Mount Peko national park in the Ivory Coast's west, a 34,000 hectare (131 square mile) area threatened by rampant deforestation driven by the country's booming cocoa industryIvory Coast has deployed teams of rangers to protect the country's last surviving dwarf elephants from extinction, the head of the national park service told AFP Tuesday. Up to 70 percent of the park is occupied by cocoa farmers from neighbouring Burkina Faso, according to the head of the country's office for parks and reserves (OIPR) colonel Adama Tondossama, who accused them of destroying the area's flora and fauna to make way for their crops. The park, a rugged area with rich biodiversity is located alongside the Ivory Coast's cocoa producing region.

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April 20, 2016 9:22 pm

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