Hello SCARS, Jed here. I just wanted to share an update on my life since coming into SCARS care over the last year. When I first came into care, I was in rough shape. I was underweight and had what the vets called an “abscess” on my head. I couldn’t even open my mouth fully to eat or drink.

When SCARS found me, I was living outdoors. However, now I love the indoor life. I have a nice dog bed in front of the fireplace where I take long naps. I was recently taken off the last of my medication and now I’m only on a supplement for my joints.

I have some big news to share. I have gone from being a foster to becoming a SCARS sanctuary animal. I even found a sanctuary animal sponsor. I want to say a huge thank you to my sponsor who is making it possible for me to live permanently in care. I share my home with some resident SCARS alumni dogs. The three of us get along pretty well. Thanks again to all the SCARS supporters and volunteers who helped me get through this journey.

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