Just when you think you have seen it all, just when you think nothing can shock you anymore,  then you meet poor sweet Lea, only 5 months old, and in a world of hurt.

Lea came to SCARS, through an emergency clinic. Upon intake they knew she had damage to her ears, although the cause was unknown.  No one was prepared for what we would see when she was sedated and a full examination took place.

In 2019 the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association banned many medically unnecessary practices done for cosmetic purposes, including cropping ears. A decision hailed by the majority as the absolute right thing to do. Ear cropping is done to make the cute floppy ears a dog like Lea is born with to stand upright. One concern with this decision was that people (fueled by an internet search) might take things into their own hands, putting their desire for a certain appearance above the health and well-being of the animal. It is suspected this may be the case with Lea.  Veterinarian practices have seen similar instances before, where people decide to alter their dogs appearance themselves with tragic results. SCARS and Lea’s veterinarian team at Guardian Veterinary Center potentially are trying to fix the damage done by the hands of a person. If true, the pain and suffering inflicted upon this beautiful animal, so she would look a certain way, is indefensible.

Where are we now?  The damage to Lea’s ears is appalling (look at the pictures only if you dare). The goal when she arrived, of course, was to heal her and save her ears. Three days of intensive treatment, with the best of care, and it was not going well. Our surgeon advised today that the damage and infection in her left ear had passed a critical point, it could not be saved and waiting could compromise her ability to heal. With heavy hearts and the guidance of the medical team we made the decision to amputate her left ear. There was no other possible option. Surgery went well and we are hopeful there is enough healthy tissue left to allow the incision to heal.

So now we wait. Her right ear has less damage and is not deteriorating, but it is also not showing significant progress. Lea will stay for the foreseeable future at Guardian, with 24 hour care to be monitored and treated. We hope from the bottom of our hearts that her right ear can be saved – only time will tell.

SCARS family we need your help.  Anyone who has faced a critical illness with their pet, knows the cost of daily care at an emergency vet. We appeal to your kind hearts for donations towards Lea’s care, to show that the good in this world outweighs the bad. That the thoughts and actions of kindness can overcome cruelty. She is innocent and doesn’t deserve the pain she is in, it is our responsibility to show her the goodness in people and get this sweet one her Second Chance.

Rescuing one animal from suffering does not change the world, but surely for that animal the world is forever changed.

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