Exhausted. Exhausted from the endless search for food. Exhausted from trying to help my almost year old pups survive. Exhausted from the pain of advanced Glaucoma. With no reserves left and desperate for food I tackled a porcupine….. and that was too much I thought it was the end.
But someone was watching over me. Someone from SCARS answered the call. He was so nice and calm and gentle. A very late night drive. He brought me and the pups to the safety of the vet clinic. The on call vet, she too was wonderful. Soothing and gentle, she gave me my name. Lizzy she said, your name is now Lizzy. With pain medication and careful hands the quills were removed.
Nothing immediately, except for pain management, could be done for my eye with glaucoma. I am scheduled for surgery to have the eye removed, to stop the crushing pain.
I am sweet and shy. I am soaking up the care and the amazing food. I am safe for the first time that I remember.
Thank you everyone who cares. Everyone who saves the life of a nameless, homeless dog matters. That I have value, that I have worth. Thank you. ❤ 🐾

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