‘Matriarch’ gorilla at Miami zoo dies at age of nearly 50

(Reuters) – Zoo Miami’s aging “matriarch” gorilla, Josephine, reported to be the grandmother of a male silverback slain in Cincinnati when a young boy fell into its enclosure, died on Wednesday just before reaching the age of 50. The loss of Josephine marked the third death of an African lowland gorilla on display at a U.S. zoo this month, including Tuesday’s demise of a 60-year-old female named Colo in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday. Josephine, who was born in the wild in 1967 and arrived in 1983 at Miami’s zoo, had been in declining health in recent years, with medical tests showing no chance for recovery from various terminal conditions, the zoo said in a statement.Animal and Pet News

January 19, 2017 3:51 am

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