Pilot (warning: graphic images)

** GRAPHIC IMAGES **Help!! This is what these photos scream. 😢 💔 When our team received a call about a stray dog that smells bad they went out straight away!! You respond quickly to a call like this, as quickly as humanly possible. We don’t know what happened or where this poor soul came from. What we do know is he needs medical help, urgently! 🚑 🚨
Well it has been a few hours since my rescue and I am hanging on to life. I have been given the name Pilot and as you can see from my pictures I have been badly mauled. There are free roaming dogs in the area and there are also lots of coyotes around. Who exactly I ran into or when it all happened is not known. What we do know is I showed up in someone’s yard desperately seeking help. Those kind people called SCARS who got me to care.
Not going to sugar coat things here, I am in a tough spot. Bite wounds are very difficult as there is so much damage under the surface. Mine are several days old so infection has set in, which makes everything worse. My care team has cleaned me up and started pain meds and fluids and antibiotics. They are offering me words of encouragement and hope. Now I guess it is up to me, I hope I have the strength left to pull through and get my second chance. The next few hours and days will be critical. Hoping for the best and that I get to give you a positive pup date tomorrow. Hold your own pups close tonight and send me all your strength I am going to need it.
Thanks for caring, if you are able, SCARS could use some help to cover my vet bills, you can donate on our website, through Canada Helps – www.scarscare.ca/donate.
If you aren’t able to donate, sharing my story with your network of friends and family also does so much to further the SCARS mission and save lives. Thanks for the support – Pilot. ❤ 🐾

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