Protests in southern Indian state over bull taming ban

A bull charges through a crow of Indian participants and bystanders during Jallikattu, an annual bull fighting ritual, on the outskirts of Madurai on January 15, 2017A ban on a bull-taming festival, which has been blighted by allegations that the beasts are doped with liquor and then taunted with chilli powder, triggered street protests in southern India Wednesday. India's Supreme Court outlawed Jallilkatu last year after a plea by animal rights groups which have long argued that the event — held every year in different parts of Tamil Nadu state — is cruel. Critics say organisers lace the bulls' feed with liquor to make them less steady on their feet and chuck chilli powder into their faces to throw them into a sudden frenzy as they are released from a holding pen.

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January 18, 2017 3:41 pm

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