Riggins (formerly Jerry)

Hi SCARS! We adopted Jerry (now “Riggins” or “Riggs” for short) last Saturday and wanted to give you an update one week later. He is such a love! We are truly so happy with how perfectly he matches with us. He is loving, playful and very smart. He has picked up potty training very quickly! Still working on the normal puppy chewing, but he is learning the difference between loving nibbles and stronger bites. Riggins loves going for walks now that the weather is improving. He’s met big and small dogs, and big and tiny humans and seems to be socializing well! Of course, everyone recognizes how stinking cute he is! He sleeps great in his crate through the night, but LOVES morning time snuggles when mom and dad let him into the bed for belly rubs! He also loves playing ball and has quickly learned to retrieve a thrown one and bring back to us (his foster mom started teaching him that!).

We took him to Guardian on Tuesday for his leg consult. It turns out that he does not seem to require surgery!! The vet at Guardian believes his leg looked that way because since he was on his own so early, the tendon in his leg did not develop properly. So it was too tight and was pulling his leg back. Now that he received proper nutrition, love, and exercise (thanks to his foster mom Janie and now us) the muscle has begun to relax and his leg is becoming normal. We are so relieved that he will not have to go through surgery, and that the money SCARS was going to use for the surgery can now be used to help other animals! He received his second round of vaccines on Thursday, and the vet had him weighing in at 17 pounds. She anticipates he will be 10 pounds heavier when we bring him back in a month. We are so in love with our sweet boy, and forever grateful to SCARS for rescuing him and giving us a chance to make him a part of our family.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Matt and Jenna Hunter

Note: Go here to see Jerry’s rescue story

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March 24, 2017 1:30 am

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