Their tomorrow depends on what we do today!

April 20, 2022. Their faces say it all. Alone. Scared. Hopeless. Right now that is our story! Sadly, these are just a few of the faces waiting to be placed in foster care. Their future is uncertain, yet they wait patiently. SCARS can usually be there to help, but at this moment there is no room for new intakes. Why, you ask? Returns are far higher than we have ever experienced. Adoptions have slowed down. Donations have dropped. Fewer families are fostering. And with a growing animal population, the need is increasing. These animals desperately need YOUR help. You can be a rescue hero! You can be the one who changes their world. They long to be loved, happy and joyous. How, you ask? Adopt! Now is the perfect time to bring home a new family member. Check out any look at me now story. Adopting will change your life forever in the best ways possible. Not ready to adopt? Foster and you get to be part of our adoptable pet’s happy endings. Not ready to foster…
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Rosa (Warning: graphic images)

Warning! Graphic Images Ahead! ** Urgent Medical Attention **

March 30 update…. Overnight update on Rosa: Turns out she was hit by a vehicle. On top of her leg injuries, she also suffered a collapsed lung and is anemic. Last night she received a blood transfusion and chest tap to further stabilize her before working on her legs. Despite all her injuries, Rosa is a very sweet and cooperative patient.

Thanks for all the donations and kind words. We are so thankful for all of your support.


March 29 update…Rosa has arrived at Guardian Emergency Veterinary Clinic. We will update with the updates as soon as we can. Thank you for all the donations, support, comments and shares. March 28th… Sometimes there are just no words. Meet Rosa. We apologize for the graphic images. We don’t know what happened to Rosa. What we know is this is how we picked her up. We rushed her into the vet, who worked on stabilizing her. She has ser…
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SCARS 20th Anniversary!

Did you know that we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary this year?! For the next upcoming Fridays, all year long, we will be showcasing some of our memories as a FLASHBACK FRIDAY! Some fun facts: We started off as the “Lac La Biche Humane Society”. We changed our name that year to “Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS)” Our goals have been the same since the beginning. Providing care to animals in need! In 2002 we took in a total of 49 animals in need. SAVE THE DATE to come say HI and join us for some of these celebratory events for our 20th Anniversary below: Spring Gift Market on May 1st @ Aviation Museum Whiskers & Wheels Roadshow on May 14, 2022 from 11-3pm at Blackjacks Roadhouse Tails on the Trails – July 16, 2022 at Lions Park! Pars for SCARS – August 19th at Legends Gold Course Critters & Cocktails – Date and time TBD

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