Thank you 41st Brownie Troop and Jackson Heights Girl Guides

Thank you so much to the 41st Brownie Troop and their leader, Brandi, for all their work making kitten and puppy toys for SCARS, and to the Jackson Heights Girl Guides and their leader, Danni, for their generous donations of food and treats! All much appreciated!

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Cat rescue

February 20, 2022 Recent intake.   When the temperature dips we go out to help even when resources are stretched. We received several reports about a cat hanging out near a road but each time someone stopped to help it ran away into the tree line. When our Intake Team arrived they spoke with the neighbours close by but no one seemed to know this poor scared cat. We decided setting a humane trap would be the only way we would have a chance to help this cold and hungry feline. Especially with the temperature being so cold at night the team knew they had to take quick action. Thankfully it didn’t take long and this lucky cat was able to get some much needed food and warmth. ** Please remember to keep your cats indoors during these freezing temperatures. **

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Volunteer Profile: Pamela

Congratulations to Pamela on the incredible milestone of fostering 100 SCARS’ dogs as of February 2022!

Not only were 100 lives saved, but countless unwanted litters were prevented through the generous and loving volunteer efforts of Pamela and her family. We asked Pam why she fosters, and this is what she told us…

I began fostering for SCARS in December 2012 after moving into our new house. Originally I wanted to see if a large dog (which my son was begging for) would fit in our busy lifestyle. I am now a SCARS rescue mom of a husky named Iceis who we adopted in August 2013.

One of my first fosters was a burn victim. Witnessing the cruelty that is in this world, as well as the amazingly caring and dedicated volunteers involved in animal rescue, led me to continuing fostering. There are days that fostering can be gut wrenching but it helps knowing that I am part of an organization making a huge impact on animal welfare.

I have now fostered 10…

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