Raz & Cayde (formerly Reef & Anchor)

Hello SCARS, My partner and I adopted two kittens, Raz and Cayde (formerly Reef & Anchor), in November and wanted to give you an update!

They have settled in nicely and love going to their grandparents bigger house to run around and explore. Their favourite toy is a rod with feathers at the end, and they will absolutely murder the feathers. When my partner and I are working, they’ll either snuggle up in their bed or flop on mom’s keyboard. Raz and Cayde have just about doubled in size and have learned how to jump up just about everywhere!

We love them to bits, with their soft ears and motorboat purrs, and are so glad they are part of our family.

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May SNR Community Visits

We have been working hard in our communities this week collecting owned animals for our Spay and Neuter Return Program! We were able to return 18 animals this week. To view more information about the program please go here. This program works directly with Westlock Veterinary Center for appointments! Thank you Westlock Vet for all you do!      

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RIP little one, we wish we could have saved you

It is with profound sadness that we share this little one’s story. For 20 years SCARS has worked to educate and change attitudes towards animals. In so many ways, we have made such incredible progress. Trusted partners, working in communities, teaching about animal care and providing support. There has been incredible progress and vast overall improvement, yet there are still cases that wound our spirits and shake us to the core. We recently had one of those days.

Our community outreach coordinator was contacted about an animal in distress. A volunteer driver was dispatched late in the day to pick up the little dog and bring it for medical care. Our volunteers are amazing people – over 2 ½ hours of driving to a rural community after dark to try and help a suffering animal. Our driver recognized the level of distress and headed straight to Pulse Veterinary Emergency. The assessment was grim, the poor little girl (likely a senior) was in terrible condition, with infecti…

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