Canadian Food Labels Guide

Food labels are intended to enable consumers to make informed food choices. Unfortunately, food labels in Canada are largely unregulated and can be misleading. Thus, the use of food labels such as “cage free”, “organic”, “free range”, “grass fed”, “natural”, and so on, may not mean what you think they mean. This guide sets out what food labels do—and don’t—mean for animal welfare.





Food Labels*

“Cage free”: means hens are not confined to battery cages. However, they don’t have access to the outdoors, and there are no assurances about what they are fed or what kinds of medications they are given.[1] Further, these claims are unverified and uncertified, meaning that no independent inspection or verification ensures that producers using these labels are in fact raising their animals in the method indicated.[2]

“Certified local sustainable”: means that eggs and poultry products…

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