Gucci (formerly Max)

Hello SCARS, Here’s an update on Gucci (formerly named Max). We’ve had him for almost two months now and he’s grown so much. He has such a cute personality. He bullies our older dog and really thinks he’s the man of the house. He’s always so happy to see his family in the mornings. He runs up the stairs to greet everyone and attacks with love bites and lots of kisses. Max has now decided he doesn’t like sleeping on his bed or the floor, he always has to sleep on the couch or a human bed with something under his head. He loves his big backyard, but is a little scared of the birds still. We love him so much and are so happy he’s a part of our family.

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Skoki (formerly Faro)

Hello SCARS, About a month ago I adopted Faro. I did rename her to Skoki (the last backcountry trip I did).  She honestly is the perfect fit in my home. She’s affectionate, relaxed, always hungry and playful. She has a good amount of sass too – just like my dog.  She and Dahlia get along well. They play and hang out on the couch together. Dahlia enjoys to nuzzle and lick her, Skoki just absorbs the attention.  She loves to nap on my bed or find the sunspots.  I work from home and she’s decided her favorite toy is my pens. My boyfriend has 2 dogs who Skoki loves as well. She plays with the 10 month old puppy whenever she’s over.

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Lola (formerly Pinto)

Hello SCARS! Here is an update on our pup, Lola (formerly Pinto). We got Lola from an adoption event last September, so crazy to think it’s been almost a year. Lola was the runt of a litter of 11 pups. When my daughter and I saw her, we new she was for us. She was nine pounds when we got her, and now is approximately 60 pounds! Lola has added the final missing piece to our family puzzle. She loves to play fetch with a stick (not a ball), loves her people and her fluffy friends of all kinds. She will run forever if you let her. She also believes she’s still a lap dog and snuggles in any moment she can. She’s the most well-behaved girl, and we love her so much! Thank you SCARS for giving us our pup.

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