Hello SCARS,

I just wanted to thank you for saving my best friend. We adopted Honey over two years ago now and I don’t regret a single day. The kids think she is the best thing in the world too (don’t ask about what the hubby thinks – LOL). When we first got her, she worked so hard to learn all the rules and fit in. It was like she knew this was her forever home and she wanted to be a good girl.

We made the decision to see if she could be comfortable outside of her crate while we weren’t home and gradually, over time, learned that was her preference and she behaved so well. She had ruined a couple of items of clothing but then soon learned that not all items were hers. She also had some accidents in the house as I learned how she communicated when she needed to go out. We went for regular walks, sometimes twice a day. I think going from being a free roamer to living in a home can be stressful and the walks helped with her stress.

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Florian (formerly Toulouse)

Hello SCARS, We have renamed Toulouse – he is now Florian (the patron saint of firefighters, at least in Germany), and Floh (flea) for short. Walter and Florian now get along well after a couple days of hiccups in their relationship. Here is a photo of the two!

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Hello SCARS, I will start off by saying this update isn’t all sunshine and roses but I think it may help fellow adopters who got a puppy during the pandemic to see they aren’t alone with all the fun “quirks” our fur babies might be showing now that the world is fully opening up again….

My fiancé and I adopted MJ in July of 2020. Like many people we found ourselves with lots of extra time at home (which we may have enjoyed a little too much) and decided that we would keep ourselves available to own a dog and take on the responsibility of dog ownership. When we first met MJ, we knew right away she was our perfect fit! We arrived at the foster home to meet the litter of puppies and the mom, Magda. MJ didn’t want anything to do with us as her brother and sisters jumped all over us for attention. She waited until the “new people hype” wore off and came over to us and just sat there calmly. We took her home a week later and sh…

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