Hello Scars, I have an update for you from a very handsome boy.️ We got Theo just a little over a year ago, just at the start of the pandemic. He was found in the January 2020 cold snap in a shed underneath a blanket trying to keep warm. We are beyond thankful that a SCARS volunteer found him that day considering the weather we had. We included a photo of him on the day he was rescued… whereas the rest are now. He is doing so well! Healthy and happy.️ We saw him one morning on Global News and our hearts fell in love. He was adorable! We just went through a big loss in our family so we knew Theo was the perfect little man to make our days a little brighter, and let me just say he has been such a joy to have! I don’t think we could have found a more perfect match. Theo is the craziest and most funny little guy you will meet. He is constantly talking to us, running around, hiding underneath rugs, trying to open cupboards, chasing ar…

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Echo (formerly Fluff)

Hello SCARS, It has been just over a year since we adopted Echo (formerly Fluff), and she has grown into a beautiful, loving dog. She is goofy, smart and likes to tell you what’s on her mind. She loves going for walks, but her all time favourite activity is going to play with Dogoda at Grandma’s house. We love her so much and she has become such an important part of our family. We are grateful for the work you do at SCARS and are so happy we were chosen as Echo’s forever family.

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Hello SCARS, Manuka was adopted thru PARS/SCARS (November 2007 to March 16-2021). I remember the day like it was yesterday… seeing Manuka for the first time at an adoption event. Terra (PARS at the time) was fostering Manuka (aka, Maluka). Manuka was about 1 1/2 years young. She filled our hearts with such joy as soon as we saw her. She has filled her family’s hearts with such joy and happiness every single minute of every single day since.

Manuka was our fastest runner, our biggest goofball, sweetest, gentlest… she loved to run, and every bit of water she found, it was to leap into, splash about, such joy to be had in the simplest things. Manuka was diagnosed with lower spinal degeneration two years ago. Every few weeks she received manual therapy, herbals etc., that helped her live pain free and mobile. She loved her integrative Veterinarian.

Manuka was alert, shar…

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