Speak Up For Chickens and Turkeys During the Poultry Code of Practice Comment Period

This month, the Canadian agriculture industry released a draft of its revised code of practice for chickens and turkeys. The public is invited to comment on this draft for consideration before the final is published next year.

This code of practice matters. Chickens are by far the largest population of animals under human care—we killed more than 640 million of them in 2014—and their degree of suffering is arguably the worst of any factory farmed animal.

Yet, the government does not regulate on-farm conditions in Canada, choosing instead to fund and endorse the codes of practice. These codes of practice are the closest to on-farm regulations that we have.

The draft code of practice is badly deficient. It leaves out or scarcely addresses the most important animal welfare concerns. The interests, profits, and convenience of producers have evidently been the paramount concern.

Most alarmingly, the draft code totally fails to address genetic selection…

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Canadian Food Labels Guide

Food labels are intended to enable consumers to make informed food choices. Unfortunately, food labels in Canada are largely unregulated and can be misleading. Thus, the use of food labels such as “cage free”, “organic”, “free range”, “grass fed”, “natural”, and so on, may not mean what you think they mean. This guide sets out what food labels do—and don’t—mean for animal welfare.





Food Labels*

“Cage free”: means hens are not confined to battery cages. However, they don’t have access to the outdoors, and there are no assurances about what they are fed or what kinds of medications they are given.[1] Further, these claims are unverified and uncertified, meaning that no independent inspection or verification ensures that producers using these labels are in fact raising their animals in the method indicated.[2]

“Certified local sustainable”: means that eggs and poultry products…

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AJCLF Launches Charter of Rights and Freedoms for Animals

Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund (AJCLF) today launched a new national campaign to have basic rights for animals enshrined into Canadian law through the Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Animal Charter would ensure animals are treated as sentient beings instead of mere property, would guarantee the rights and freedoms that make life worth living, and give all animals a chance to have their interests represented in court.

“This is an idea whose time has come. We know that animals experience pain and joy just like we do, and now it’s time for our laws to catch up to society,” said Nick Wright, Executive Director. “Animals deserve rights and freedoms, and they deserve to have their voices heard in courts throughout the country, much like corporations and trusts already do. Animal Justice is calling on Canadian lawmakers to enact the Animal Charter and help improve the lives of millions of animals.”

Although opinion …

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