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Stop the Commercial Wildlife Trade to Protect Animals & Prevent the Next Pandemic

Animal Justice October 5, 2020

Millions of wild animals are captured and traded each year for human entertainment, food, and traditional medicine, and for the exotic pet trade. This multi-billion dollar global trade causes unimaginable pain and suffering to animals taken from their natural habitat and forced to live in small, unnatural enclosures that do not meet their physical or… Read more » Animal Justice

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Despite Pandemic, Ontario Will Ram Through Bill to Hide Animal Cruelty in Farms & Slaughterhouses

Animal Justice May 27, 2020

TORONTO—National animal law organization Animal Justice is denouncing a move by the Ontario government to ram through dangerous “ag gag” legislation in the midst of a pandemic. Bill 156 is a government bill that would make it illegal for whistleblowers to go undercover to expose hidden animal cruelty on farms, unsafe work conditions in slaughterhouses,… Read more » Animal Justice

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