Volunteer profile – Ronalee

Thank you and farewell to Ronalee. As a volunteer driver, she drove thousands of kilometres to assist with animal intake and rescue operations. She recently moved to Prince Edward Island to start a new chapter in her life. We, and the animals, miss her already! Bon voyage to an amazing lady!

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Volunteer Recognition Program (Congratulations Lenard!)

As part of our new, quarterly Volunteer Recognition Program, we want to recognize and thank Lenard Runzer (far right in the photo) for all of his hard work. Anyone who has run across Lenard while volunteering with SCARS will not be surprised that he is the first one to be recognized. He was nominated by fellow volunteer, Christina: “I think everyone KNOWS how amazing he is. I know he DOES a ton of driving for SCARS, but here is what a day looks like for him to mobilize the dog houses that are part of our Walls 4 Winter program. They are 80 lb houses and Patti (who lives in Morinville) has a trailer that fits four at a time. Lenard leaves Sherwood Park, drives to Morinville to pick up the trailer, and drives to the location of the builder (in this example, it’s in south Edmonton). Then he drops the dog houses off in the west end and takes the trailer back to Morinville before driving home. It’s CRAZY! He is so DEDICATED! “ Leonard, thank you so…
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Volunteer profile: Amber

I am a SCARS rescue mom of a pint sized staffy named MJ (who we adopted in July of 2020) and two cats named Evy and Killian (adopted from EHS a few years ago). I have a fiancé named Ben,  and we are getting married this October with however many guests we are legally allowed – ha-ha!

I officially started volunteering for SCARS in November 2020 or least that’s when I took on my first active role as a Purdy’s Chocolate “pick up location” for our Christmas fundraiser. I recently started helping with our Facebook page(s) as well so you may have already spoken to me and didn’t even know it!!

I started volunteering for SCARS because I admire what they do and how they do it to help animals. Whether that’s going the extra step to educate communities or sending out warm shelters for the northern outdoor pets when the temperatures get below uncomfortable, even for them. It just warms my heart every time I see a huge animal intake…

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