Susan’s fostering story

June 10, 2022 – A note from Susan, one of our Foster Homes. SCARS is a privilege and an adventure to work with. Following another volunteer’s inspiration, our household started our foster home experience on February 1, 2021 in the middle of the pandemic. The anniversary slipped by but in 16 months we have hosted five adults and 45 puppies. Our first was Mabel and the Seven Dwarfs (8), then we had Pam Pam and the Candy crew (5), Star a beautiful boxer who was a recent amputee (1), The Flower crew(4), Copper with coffee crew (4), Cookie crew (6), Tartlet’s crew (4), then Nadya a beautiful lab where we had the privilege of maternity ward to 11 puppies (12). Our latest is the M-crew (6). I’ve never worried about the puppies finding perfect homes!

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Volunteer Profile: Pamela

Congratulations to Pamela on the incredible milestone of fostering 100 SCARS’ dogs as of February 2022!

Not only were 100 lives saved, but countless unwanted litters were prevented through the generous and loving volunteer efforts of Pamela and her family. We asked Pam why she fosters, and this is what she told us…

I began fostering for SCARS in December 2012 after moving into our new house. Originally I wanted to see if a large dog (which my son was begging for) would fit in our busy lifestyle. I am now a SCARS rescue mom of a husky named Iceis who we adopted in August 2013.

One of my first fosters was a burn victim. Witnessing the cruelty that is in this world, as well as the amazingly caring and dedicated volunteers involved in animal rescue, led me to continuing fostering. There are days that fostering can be gut wrenching but it helps knowing that I am part of an organization making a huge impact on animal welfare.

I have now fostered 10…

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Volunteer Profile: Kim

This beautiful story was written by SCARS foster Mom, Kim. It is so special that we couldn’t help but share! We are so grateful to the volunteer foster homes who make animal rescue work possible! “But why don’t you just keep him? This is Arctic. He came to us as a foster dog through Second Chance Animal Rescue Society on February 12, 2021. Scared and timid. We suspect that he lived his whole life on a chain, outside and alone. He was never able to be a puppy, people were not to be trusted and food was scarce. And look at him now, six months later. With a lot of patience, time, love and dedication he has become a confident dog. Sweet, affectionate, no longer stressed, he gets lots of exercise, good food, and life is fun again. A house is nice place to be in. People are very sweet after all. And today he has a meet & greet with the people that may become his new family. *Swallows, wipes away tears* But then why not just keep him? Because there are st…
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