This kitten was tossed into the garbage

A letter to the person who could have reached out for options…
“Jan 5, 2022 … You put me in a cardboard box with a ratty towel inside of a garbage bin on garbage day so you must not care… But they cared. The nice lady and her neighbour who heard me crying in the garbage bin in -28C weather…. Cared. The staff at MrPets in St Albert who they called for help… Cared. A compassionate SCARS volunteer who lives in St Albert who came to pick me up from the nice lady… Cared. A SCARS driver who swung by in case I was frost bitten & need to go to emergency vetting… Cares. The two SCARS supervisors who collaborated to find me a foster spot… Cared. My new foster mom who came to pick me up… Cared. Sincerely, the 8-week-old kitten who a lot of people CARE about.”
Today we are thankful that all the pieces of the puzzle came together and for all the people who worked quickly to save this kitten. This story could have turned out much differently for this innocent animal. #yegcoldsnap #adoptdontshop🐾

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