Trevor Noah Wants Biden to Be Trump’s 2020 Rival So We Can All See ‘Old Man Fights’

Trevor Noah Wants Biden to Be Trump’s 2020 Rival So We Can All See ‘Old Man Fights’Now that former Vice President Joe Biden has officially tossed his hat into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah revealed that he’s partially hoping Biden snags the nomination just so we can see “the most entertaining debates of all time” as he and President Trump get into an “old man fight.”Explaining Thursday night that the former veep comes into the race with a “whole lot of baggage,” Noah highlighted Biden’s tendency to stick his foot in his mouth, showing clips of Biden asking a man in a wheelchair to stand and casually tossing out racial stereotypes. “I feel like these gaffes are what made Biden the perfect balance to Obama,” Noah remarked before impersonating the former president speaking very slowly and measured.“But when Biden talks, his brain just clicks ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and the first words come out of his mouth,” the Comedy Central star joked.After discussing Biden’s lengthy legislative career and policy achievements, as well as the issues he’ll face over his problematic handling of the Anita Hill hearing and his vote for the Iraq War, Noah said that Democrats will still likely turn out for Biden due partly to “how progressive he’s become and partly because of how good he is at getting under Trump’s skin.”He proceeded to play a series of clips of Biden saying he wishes he could take Trump “behind the gym” and Trump returning fire, comments which he predicted could very easily turn the 2020 election into a spectacle with a couple of 70-plus-year-olds throwing down.“Old man fights! Old man fight! Old man fight!” Noah chanted while pounding his fists up and down.“This would be hilarious,” he continued. “These two dudes fighting? It’s like ‘Let’s get ready to stumble!’ It would be the most entertaining fight. Are they going to knock each other's teeth out, pick them up, and put them back in again?”Noah then snarked that they should make this fight happen just so they can raise money for charity, adding that it’s a “win-win” for everyone as Biden can “stand up to Trump and Trump gets to secretly keep the money for charity.”The segment ended with animated versions of Trump and Biden physically fighting and throwing out insults on a debate stage in front of a raucous crowd, ending with Trump landing a Karate Kid-esque crane kick.Read more at The Daily Beast.

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April 27, 2019 1:01 pm

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