Two rare Indonesian elephants found dead without tusks

A mahout prepares his Sumatran elephant for a patrol in Langkat District, North Sumatra Province, located near the Leuser ecosystem forest conservation area in Indonesia's Sumatra island on August 29, 2014Two critically-endangered Sumatran elephants have been found dead in Indonesia's Aceh province with their tusks missing, police said Monday. The first was found in a palm oil plantation in East Aceh district on Sunday, while the other was discovered in Aceh Jaya district on Friday, Aceh police spokesman Gustav Leo told AFP. "We suspect poachers could have poisoned the elephants' food and then wait(ed) for them to die before removing the tusks," he said. The animals are usually either killed by villagers, who regard the beasts as pests that destroy their plantations, or by poachers for their tusks.

September 8, 2014 1:41 pm

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