VICTORY! Dairy Industry Forced to Remove Misleading Ads

Ad Standards has confirmed that a misleading transit ad campaign from the Dairy Farmers of Canada has been removed!

The advertisement claimed “there are zero growth hormones in milk produced in Canada”, but this is entirely false. IGF-1 is a naturally occurring growth hormone that is present in all cow’s milk, which helps turn calves into thousand-pound adults.

When Animal Justice heard from concerned citizens who were appalled by the dairy industry’s deceitful ad campaign, we assisted the public in filing complaints to the national regulator.

We’re pleased that the truth prevailed, and that the dairy industry is no longer permitted to advertise through this unlawful, false messaging.

Full view of the misleading transit ad.

Many Canadians are shocked to the learn that the dairy industry has a $80 million annual advertising budget, duping people into drinking milk that is inherently cruel to animals, linked with health problems, and detrimental to the environment.

This is not the first time that the dairy industry has tried to mislead consumers through false advertising. Back in 2016, Animal Justice filed a complaint with authorities when the Dairy Farmers of Canada partnered with health agencies to run ads suggesting that daily dairy consumption was necessary for good health. In fact, dairy is not a necessary part of the human diet and can in fact have adverse health effects.

It’s clear that the dairy industry is feeling the pressure of an evolving society that is looking to more humane, healthy, and sustainable alternatives to traditional dairy products.

Plant-based milks now make up nearly 10% of all milk sales, and according to Statistics Canada, milk consumption has fallen by 21.5% per capita since 2009. Dairy was even booted from having its own food group in the new plant-focused Canada Food Guide.

This massive societal shift to plant-based milk products will only continue to grow. Here’s to a future that is dairy-free, and better for everyone!


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