‘Watch Dogs’ has multiplayer, no dogs

Up to eight players can roam free in "Watch Dogs."Upcoming cyber-vigilante adventure "Watch Dogs" still features a free roam multiplayer, and players can hack billboards with a free mobile app, confirms its Creative Director. Fielding questions on Twitter after Ubisoft announced a May 27 release for the impressive-looking game, Jonathan Morin affirmed that its multiplayer component was still very much in play. The futuristic game of hacking and corporate oppression was first unveiled as a true surprise in 2012, at the end of Ubisoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo stage presentation. Having introduced players to a new protagonist, vigilante hacker Aiden Pearce, and set his exploits against the backdrop of an overly surveilled and sumptuously realized Chicago, the game's Montreal team finally zoomed out into a multiplayer scenario as several players raced around on missions within the dystopian metropolis.

March 8, 2014 10:46 am

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