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Zoo: Did “The Cheese Stands Alone” Live on Its Knees or Die on Its Feet?

General August 19, 2015

Zoo: Did "The Cheese Stands Alone" Live on Its Knees or Die on Its Feet?ZooS01E08: "The Cheese Stands Alone" Well with a name like "The Cheese Stands Alone," it's hard to believe Zoo is taking itself seriously anymore, but then again who wants a show that takes itself seriously? (Please put your hands down.) We're at the point now where bats aren't even worth mentioning because it's basically a given they're in every episode, but what did you think of the other animals? While you're puzzling over that answer, I'm still working on this here photo recap and will be for a bit so feel free to get chatting about tonight's episode. Did Chloe bug her eyes out weird? Did Abraham tell another childhood story where he did something like burn his grandparents alive on Christmas? Get talkin'! GIFs, screenshots, and nonsense to follow! Cheers, Ryan

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