Zoo Season 1 Finale: Did “That Great Big Hill of Hope” Thrill and Fulfill?

Zoo Season 1 Finale: Did "That Great Big Hill of Hope" Thrill and Fulfill?Zoo S01E13: "That Great Big Hill of Hope" Wow is this really the end? Say it ain't so, Joe! Or should I say "Jackson." It seemed like only yesterday Zoo was just a twinkle in the defiant pupil of a TV executive who said, in so many words, "Screw it, let's make a show about animals doing crazy stuff to even crazier people." And now here we are climbing "That Great Big Hill of Hope," which I believe is a reference to 4 Non Blondes for some reason. But first, before we talk about time jumps and last stands and how mankind fared against beastkind I'd like to get serious here for a moment. I promised myself I wouldn't cry, but suffice to say (I am crying right now, btw) you all at Zoo Nation have made these past few weeks some of the most enjoyable during my tenure with TV.com. So thank you Zoo Heads for your cheerful, humorous, and lively discussions. I'm certain we are all experts on animal uprisings, and would be honored to conduct motel science with all of you as a team funded by a secretly evil corporation, should the need ever arise. That said, as you can imagine I'm still chugging away in the Recap Mines, chiseling and picking out only the best of the best of tonight's finale. But what's that? You didn't watch ANY of the preceding episodes? Well I got you covered, in the form of some helpful gifs looking back at just how we got to climbing this great big hill of hope. Enjoy, comment, and when the time comes my photo recap will up and at 'em. (P.S. Sticking with the animal theme of Zoo , I find Tame Impala's "Elephant" pairs well with the following set of memories. Hit play then scroll!)

September 16, 2015 11:16 am

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