Zoo: Was “This Is What it Sounds Like” Music to Your Ears?

Zoo: Was "This Is What it Sounds Like" Music to Your Ears?Zoo S01E06: "This is What it Sounds Like" For a show about animals committing genocide via furevolution, you'd think Zoo would feature way more straight-up beastly attacks. Sure there were bears and rats, and STILL BATS but also a big focus tonight in "This is What it Sounds Like" for some reason was the rescue of Chloe and Mitch from a Brazilian drug dealer who WAS NOT AN ANIMAL AT ALL. Were you into it? What about Jackson and the gang's pursuit of the Wolfmaster? So I'm tinkering away reviewing the materials at hand and building something we can all be proud of in terms of recapping and photos and .GIFs and what have you, but please do me and Zoo Nation a solid and discuss tonight's episode here in the mean time. What was Mitch's best moment? Are you delighted with how things are shaping up? Ready, Set… COMMENT! Yours Forever (or a Few Weeks), Ryan

August 5, 2015 7:32 am

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